Re-Programming Yourself For Bliss

6 Reliable Tools For Building Happiness

how to be happy

Here’s a list of “never fail” tools that promote happiness. There may be other methods that work for you as well, but these are the only ones I feel confident about endorsing.

The tools work but you will have to actually take action and use them to see the results. This might seem obvious to you, but it wasn’t always to me.

When I was trying to quit smoking, I would continuously write about it. I came up with some really great ideas of things I could do to make quitting “effortless”. Then one day, as I was musing over other good ideas, something occurred to me. I wasn’t going to quit until I put at least one of these great ideas into action. Nothing would change until I DID something.

This is true about all these tools as well. Nothing will change until you actually use them. When most people change something in their life, they don’t take one enormous leap, they start by taking one tiny step. “Baby steps Bob, baby steps.”

1.) Understand and Change Your Beliefs

I suppose it’s theoretically possible that someone has been able to experience continuous bliss and never have any issues to deal with along the way. I haven’t met them so I’m going to assume most people will face challenges. To make happiness sustainable, we need a tool for dealing with these cans of worms.

This is the most important tool on the whole Self Creation site. This weapon is so powerful against unhappiness it requires its own section, and is a “must have” in your arsenal against fear, indecision, confusion, procrastination, conquering unwanted habits, and just plain understand why you do the stuff you do. For more information, visit the changing your beliefs section.

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Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

- Tao Tzu

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

- Dalai Lama