How To Feel Better About Yourself

There’s Not a Damn Thing Wrong
with You


So many women go through their lives secretly believing there’s something wrong with them. It lingers on the fringes like a pesky fly.

It’s that critical voice inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough. This idea that you are inadequate, not important, not worthy is shackling you from experiencing all the full va-va-voom life has to offer. But you already knew that.

For a large portion of my life I was sure there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t a nurturing person. I didn’t act like or want what most women wanted. I was sexually messed up. I smoked. What other possible explanation could there be to explain all my shortcomings?

My first memory of feeling bad about myself was when I was six. I was always in the principal’s office for something and one day my mother got a call from a teacher. She started crying and begged me to tell her why I wouldn’t behave.

At that very moment I knew for sure there was definitely something wrong with me. There was no other explanation. I had hurt the one person in my young life I loved most and counted on for everything, just by being me.

Jump 30 years later and I came to understand there are other explanations. I discovered that I am enough, at times, too much for some. And that’s okay.

So what if all this time you have been good, right, and perfect to be exactly who you are? There’s nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You are enough. In fact, you are plenty. By the end of this section you will see it's true.

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I didn't belong as a kid, and that always bothered me. If only I'd known that one day my differentness would be an asset, then my early life would have been much easier.

- Bette Midler

I used to be self conscious about my height, but then I thought, f*ck that, I'm Harry Potter.

― Daniel Radcliffe